Molecule DIY eJuice Recipe Calculator

eJuice Calc is an e-juice recipe calculator available as both an Android app and a website. It is account-based, and recipes are stored securely in the cloud and accessible across devices and the web. eJuice Calc is a free calculator, but if you use it often, would you consider becoming our patron on Patreon for a few dollars a month? Many thanks, and enjoy!

Available on the Web Plus Available on Android Plus Beaker Equals Mod


  • Mix by weight OR volume
  • Secure and confidential
  • Mobile-Safari ready
  • Unlimited flavors and PG/VG settings at the flavor level
  • Target PG/VG and variable base nicotine capability
  • Optional diluting agent
  • Customizable default recipe settings
  • Recipes can be accessed from multiple devices
  • Recipe cloning capability

iOS Support

eJuice Calc does not have native iOS support; however, this website is optimized for mobile Safari. You can still use this website on your iPhone/iPad as a browser-based app.


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Become a Patron

eJuice Calc is a free app, and giving back ensures it becomes an even better platform for crafting recipes. If you like the calculator and use it often, please consider becoming a .

It's easy to set up, and you can contribute what you want, be it $1, $2, or $3 per month. It will only take a few moments and is much appreciated. Thank you! -Blake Miller

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